Meet Panduit (Virtually) at Automation Fair at Home!

What’s Lurking in Your Operation? Panduit can help uncover efficiency-robbing menaces that scare away productivity. Visit our virtual booth at Rockwell Automation Fair from November 16-20 to learn more about our products & solutions! The Automation Fair® At Home experience will feature the newest solutions and innovations, the opportunity to interact with technology experts and…


New NFPA 70E Labeling Requirements

The NFPA 70E Standard provides guidelines for electrical safety in the workplace. Recently this standard has been updated to provide consistency of terms with other standards that address hazards and risk. Some of these changes introduced new terms such as arc flash risk assessment to replace arc flash analysis and shock risk assessment to replace…


Safety in the Workplace

Recently we had the opportunity to guest write on Thorne and Derrick’s blog.  Below is what we published on the topic of Safety in the Workplace! You may ask yourself why you need a safety services program in your organization? It’s expensive, I need additional staff, and we haven’t had an incident yet…YET is the…


Importance of Lockout/Tagout

Lockout/Tagout is a process to control energy hazards for preventing accidental start-up or release of stored energy during set-up, maintenance and servicing of equipment. OSHA outlines this safety method in standard 29 CFR 1910.147 (“Control of Hazardous Energy”). Lockout/Tagout is a widely accepted practice for companies in the United States.   OSHA advises US companies, “Workers…


Safety is Key When it Comes to Construction

April 23rd is this year’s Construction Safety Day.  The first step in making the construction industry safer is to understand the biggest threats. Balancing worker safety, productivity and equipment optimization starts with establishing a strong safety infrastructure. Panduit’s Safety Solutions not only offer safety products, but encompasses safety services and safety training as well.