Causes of Packet Loss

Single Pair Ethernet in Automation

by Mike Vermeer, Ethernet Alliance member; Engineering Development Strategy Manager, Panduit I have the distinct privilege of mentoring a team of bright and enthusiastic students as part of the FIRST® Tech Challenge®, a program that inspires children towards science and technology leadership and innovation. Each summer, students excitedly anticipate the challenge released near the beginning of…

3 Technology Advances Drive IIoT — and its Demand for Real-Time Data

Deploying IIoT generates data that needs to be collected, analyzed, and acted on in real time. What exactly is real time and how does it affect your network’s infrastructure? Panduit’s latest white paper, “What is the Impact of Real-Time Data?”  explains the relationship between process control and real-time data. What is Real Time? The definition…

Building Automation and Managing the Corporate Facility

Today’s facility and IT managers are facing multiple challenges in managing corporate facilities. The corporate facility includes various areas such as the commercial building, manufacturing floor, warehouse, remote sites, and data center. All of these corporate facilities require different attention from the managers to meet the corporate sustainability goals set forth by the executive team.…


Welcome to the World of Enterprise Solutions

Hello, and welcome to our Enterprise Solutions Blog!  We’re excited to communicate and share ideas with you.  Enterprise environments consist of so many different areas in today’s world.  It could be your local school or college, the new office building being built down the street, your community hospital, or even the bank you go to.