Category 6A in the Enterprise

The rollout of new AC wireless access points in the enterprise represents the first multi-gigabit application to be deployed in the enterprise. This is a perfect time to review the media choices being made to ensure your physical infrastructure is capable of supporting the application for the life of the enterprise. If we compare the relative cost per Gigabit for category 6A and single gig infrastructures, we find that category 6A (10GBASE-T) is more cost-effective per gigabit:

Cost per GB

Category 6A is designed to mitigate alien cross talk that can have negative impacts on network performance at the frequencies required for multi gig transmission. By installing Panduit Category 6A, you’re protected from having to worry about expensive field testing and mitigation of alien cross talk to support the latest NG BASE-T and HDBaseT standards. It also allows for the best performance and lowest temperature rise for today’s high Power over Ethernet standards.

With the appetite for bandwidth only moving upward in the enterprise and the first multi-gig application now being deployed, we are seeing explosive growth of Category 6A enterprise deployments, and see it as the infrastructure of choice in the enterprise.

For more information, see our Technology Brief: Decision to Install Cat 6A

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