Stainless Steel Cable Ties in Harsh Environments

Keeping your communications and power cables properly and safely installed in harsher environments such as Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, and Chemical processing plants, as well as other similar applications, can be a challenge. However, it needs to be taken very seriously, otherwise the facility and personnel are being placed at elevated risk of injury or other adverse effects.

In order to ensure that proper cable fastening solutions are being implemented in these harsh environments, many times stainless steel cable ties will be specified for use.  However, not all stainless cable ties are created equal, and it is critical to thoroughly evaluate available options in order to choose the one that is safest and most reliable.

First, it is important to procure at least AISI 304 grade stainless for these harsh environments, and in many cases, going up to AISI 316 is more prudent, when ultimate corrosion protection is needed.

Secondly, the installers will be handling these cable ties for extended periods of time, so aside from ensuring to wear gloves, another critical thing to look at is how smooth the tie edges are.  The rounder the edge, the more safe and easy it is for installers to use.

In many of these Oil & Gas or Shipbuilding applications, vibration is a regular occurrence, which can cause movement of the installed cables, or worse, loosening and unraveling of the cable bundles, which would be dangerous.  For this reason, it is critical to use tested, validated and industry-leading stainless steel cable ties that employ a robust design and will not loosen over time.  This ensures that the cable infrastructure stays intact and safe, even during severe vibrating events.

Along similar lines, what is also needed in these applications are cable ties that have high loop tensile strength ratings, also known as the breaking strength of the tie.  Measured in Newton or Pounds, the higher the loop tensile value, the stronger the tie.  Utilizing a product family that offers a wide array of loop tensile strength options, covering all of your needs, will ensure that you are safely covered, while maintaining overall costs of operation.

Stainless steel cable ties, AISI grades 304 or 316, are very resistant to many different corrosive environments, such as exposure to chemicals, radiation, and severe weather and temperature, including the ability to be installed underground.  Stainless steel ties are non-flammable, UV resistant and can be installed in extreme temperature.

Choosing a good stainless steel cable tie is a first important step, but in order to ensure a fully successful installation, one must also use reliable installation tools as well.  The tool’s key function is to safely and properly tension the tie around the bundle, and cut off the excess tie material without leaving any dangerous sharp edges that can cause injury to the facility staff.

When choosing your stainless cable tie supplier, make sure to also look for global and reputable third party agency approvals or certifications such as UL, ABS, DNV, BV and CE, among others.

Panduit offers a comprehensive, premium and cost-effective line of stainless steel ties and strapping products to meet any need within these harsh environment applications.  For more information please visit our website.

Also check out Thorne & Derrick’s site for a simple check list on how to select your stainless steel cable ties.

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