Why Is My Cable Pathway Upside Down?

Upside Down Design Can Keep Your Installation Costs Right Side Up


One of the most common questions asked about the Wyr-Grid Overhead Cable Pathway System is “why is it upside down?”


The Wyr-Grid tray is “upside down” because the design is based on a strong wire mesh platform reinforced with 1-1/2” high wire mesh walls that are oriented downward giving the appearance of an up-side down wire mesh tray. While appearing unconventional, this design combines the best attributes of cable runway with the flexibility and utility of wire mesh pathways.

Using fewer,nWGsidewall1-o but stronger wires, this design approach offers faster and simpler installations. Less time is required to cut and dress wires when cutting is required. Because the sidewalls do not have to be cut away to create a tee or cross pathway beam, strength is maintained, requiring fewer supports.


The tray design also enables the splice connections to provide integral bonding of the sections without the need for jumpers or scraping away of paint to create a bond. As a result the Wyr-Grid system reduces installation time by as much as 50% compared to traditional wire basket systems.nWGsplice1-o

The “up-side down” design also provides a flat surface, or platform, from which cables and cable bundles can be swept off to transition into cabinets or vertical cable managers without having to be threaded through, or over, a wire mesh wall.

What about sidewalls? If required, snap-on sidewalls can be used as required to manage cable loads. The design approach allows the use of other snap-on accessories such as bend radius control spill-outs that are easily and quickly put in place without having to cut wires to install.

The “upside down” design, while different, offers dramatic time savings when compared to traditional wire basket tray designs and will help you keep your installation costs “right-side up”.

What do you think of our “upside down” design? Please comment below and thank you for reading!


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  1. Wyr-Grid, the ten foot sections themselves are never in stock.

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