Choosing the Right Media Type for 10 Gig Ethernet

You are ready to deploy 10 gigabit Ethernet, but what media type should you use?  As you might suspect, that is not a straightforward question to answer.  There are several things you need to consider before making the right choice, and some of the choices may be contradictory.

Does you data center require using a structured cabling solution?  If so, then you will most like stay away from Direct Attach Cable (DAC) assemblies used for 10GBASE-CR because that is a point-to-point solution, and lean toward 10GBASE-T.

If power consumption or latency are the prime concern, then you might shy away from 10GBASE-T as it has the highest power consumption and the highest latency of the 10 Gig options.

As you can see, choosing a media type is more complex than you may think.

In one case 10GBASE-T might be the right choice, but then again, it may not be.

Below is a table that lists various attributes of the four media types one could use for deploying 10 Gig Ethernet.

10G Media Types

You can use this table to help you pick the right media choice for your data center.

For more information please go to our HSDT web page where you will find, case studies, videos, and other tools to help you.


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