Implementation of a Lockout/Tagout Program

To successfully implement a lockout/tagout program at your facility, each of the 5 elements below are needed:

1. Program: Lockout/Tagout Program Documentation
To create the Lockout/Tagout program documentation, several areas need to be addressed. These topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Purpose and Scope
  • Rules
  • Lockout Procedures and Techniques
  • Removal of Lockout Devices
  • Training
  • Tagout Procedures


2. Procedures: Equipment-specific Lockout/Tagout procedures
The equipment specific Lockout/Tagout procedures will walk through the following steps:

  1. Provide verbal notification of LOTO to affected employees
  2. Shut down machine and/or equipment using standard stopping instructions
  3. Refer to picture and steps to isolate all energy sources
  4. Apply devices for each energy source
  5. Release all residual and stored energy
  6. Verify all sources have been de-energized

3. Training: Lockout/Tagout training for employees
Training for both authorized and affected employees is needed for an effective Lockout/Tagout program. Questions to answer for your company’s Lockout/Tagout training:

  • Have all authorized employees received training in the recognition of applicable energy sources, the types and magnitude of energies available in the workplace, and the methods of energy isolation and control?
  • Have all affected and other employees been instructed in lockout/tagout procedures and not to attempt to start or energize locked or tagged out machines or circuits?
  • Have all employees been instructed on the use and limitations of tags?
  • Is training on lockout/tagout provided for initial job assignment, during a change in job assignments, machines, or processes, or if needed?
  • Is worker training certified and logged with names and dates of training?

4. Devices: Protective devices
Lockout/Tagout devices include several key parts that are necessary to implement a LOTO program. Not only are products needed to build your lockout/tagout program, the products utilized must be robust and easily identifiable as lockout devices.

5. Review: Program inspection and review
Program inspection and review must outline a methodology for ensuring the program remains effective for employee protection. Points to be included for your company’s program review:

  • Energy control procedures reviewed at least annually
  • Annual inspection should include an assessment of the adequacy of the procedure
  • Review conducted by an authorized employee other than the one utilizing the procedure
  • Inspection correctly identify deviations or inadequacies
  • The employer should certify that periodic inspections have been performed
  • Certification should include the equipment, the date of the inspection, the employees included, and the person conducting the inspection

To assist in this implementation, Panduit offers a safety solution to our customers consisting of relevant products and tools to help mitigate risk created by hazards in the workplace. Panduit’s safety solution is a single point of contact for helping your company protect people and infrastructures from the hazards energized equipment and systems represent.

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