Short Circuit Faults – Are You Protected?

When running power cable through a facility using a ladder rack, the design considerations on how to affix the cables to the ladder arise. Options such as nylon cable ties, stainless strapping, cable cleats, tie wire and, believe it or not, even doing nothing at all, are all practices that have been witnessed in the field. In addition to cable management, engineering firms must also consider the implications of a short circuit fault as part of the design process. When a short circuit fault occurs, tremendous magnetic forces repel the power cables from each other resulting in violent forces that damage everything in their path.

No one wants a short circuit event to occur. However, when it does, personnel injuries and even fatalities are likely and equipment can be destroyed. Downtime and OSHA investigation costs escalate quickly, paralyzing any petrochemical or processing facility. Ensure reliability and safety of your design by calculating the fault current for your application and only secure your cables with an engineered cable management system with 3rd party short circuit fault test data. Theoretical performance of fastening systems is no substitute for real world lab testing.

Panduit offers a line of Stainless Steel cable ties that are engineered and tested to withstand short circuit faults while reducing material cost and installation time by 75% over cable cleats. Panduit can work with your engineering team to:

  1. Recommend the best solution based on the provided short circuit current rating, cables and ladder rack usage in your application
  2. Perform short circuit tests on the ladder rack and cable specified in your design
  3. Provide a third party test report including installation guidelines to ensure a robust, reliable, and safe solution

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