Joliet Catholic Academy Enhances Learning Experience

It’s Back-to-School season for many readers and their children—time for students of all ages to meet new friends and teachers, get some fresh school clothes and/or uniforms, and check for the closest wi-fi hot spot.

Technology has become a significant part of students’ everyday lives, with tablets and interactive eBooks starting to replace heavy textbooks in everyone’s backpack, according to SecurEdge Networks.  In fact, SecurEdge reports that the average college student now uses three devices daily, and 67% of surveyed students claim that they cannot go more than one hour without using some sort of digital technology.

At the K-12 level, technology is recognized as a key instructional tool, and not an intrusion on learning, with eBooks, Web sites, streaming video, PowerPoint presentations, digital photography, and SMART Boards powering the curriculum as much as pencils, paper, and textbooks.

The challenge for schools now is to boost network performance to meet demand—a challenging task when every budget dollar counts, and when the sturdy, often cinderblock-based construction of so many schools add cost and complexity to delivering Wi-Fi service to all areas of a building.

Joliet Catholic Adacemy Panduit recently had the opportunity to work with Joliet Catholic Academy, a Chicago-area school, on a network upgrade that addressed increased bandwidth demand. “A technology that supports the curriculum is a school priority,” says Jeffrey Budz, Principal/CEO of Joliet Catholic Academy, “and would allow us to gain more educational choices for the school and the staff while positioning JCA as a technology leader.”

 JCA is a private high school that serves approximately 700 students in Joliet, Illinois. They place great importance on innovative curriculum through technology in effort to enhance the learning experience.  With 99% of its classrooms equipped with computers, it’s no shock that JCA’s goal is to position themselves as a technology leader.

Find out how we were able to position JCA for success in our new case study, and let us know your thoughts!

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