Ultracapacitor vs. Battery UPS

Manufacturing companies can experience an average of 3.9 power outages per year, and when the power goes out…production STOPS! Even short power blips can be detrimental.  Every minute you wait for network equipment to restart can cost your company thousands of dollars. So what can we do about it?  Install a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply System! Well that’s a great start, but traditional UPS systems rely on batteries, and if your UPS battery fails, your risk of downtime goes up…the very thing we’re trying to avoid.  Batteries require maintenance and operating expenses such as inspections, testing, replacement and in most cases hazardous waste disposal.  As an alternative to a traditional battery UPS system, an ultracapacitor UPS system improves uptime and eliminates maintenance, which saves you money!  Let’s compare the two with our infographic below.

UPS Infographic


As you can see not only are downtime and maintenance costs reduced with the ultracapacitor version, you are also saving space, and the unit is eco-friendly.  The service life on an ultracapacitor UPS is two to five times that of a traditional UPS AND it can offer predictive monitoring.  Another important feature of the ultracapacitor version is the wide temperature range.  For more information on our no battery, maintenance-free UPS system, please visit www.panduit.com/ups.


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