Preparing for the Industrial IP World Cup

The FIFA World Cup brings out the competitive instincts of sports fans across the globe. The strategies, styles, skills and depth of teams around the globe are tested and validated like no other sporting event. How much training and practice does it take to play at that elite level? If you have participated as a coach or parent for your children’s soccer teams, you must appreciate the long journey these players and teams have been on to reach the pinnacle of their sport!   Training, team building, and ‘play’ experience are all key factors for teams to achieve their goals whether on the soccer field or even the plant floor if you are thinking about transforming your industrial productivity.

Industrial World CupFor industrial plants today, a new competition is underway to produce faster, better and smarter than the other ‘teams’ around the globe. A key strategy involves enabling more teamwork, better decision making, and faster, more agile response by connecting people, processes, data and things in new ways. This market transition is referred to with varying names such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything, and Industry 4.0. One key aspect is how to best leverage the advantages of Internet Protocol (IP) which underpins so much of this wired and wireless connectivity – a new Industrial IP World Cup!

Do you have a plan for training, for building teams, and for empowering your team to experiment, play and win, leveraging the new IoT approaches unlocked by Internet Protocol?

Some suggestions:

1.  Training

Visit Industrial IP Advantage to access educational materials including whitepapers, how to guides and case studies. Register for the Industrial IP Advantage newsletter for the latest articles and to be advised of new training offerings to be released later this year.  Also plan to attend local Rockwell Automation on the Move (RAOTM) events or attend the Automation Fair in November in Anaheim, California  for sessions on Connected Enterprise and EtherNet/IP networking topics. Attend Panduit webinars and certified installer training to build your knowledge on the critical physical infrastructure layer.

2. Team Building

The tough economy of the last few years, and retiring baby boomers has leaned out internal teams of automation and IT professionals. The roles of system integrators, machine builders, distributors and vendors are evolving to fill the gap to create new teams with broader skills, experience, and availability to scale globally. Look to Panduit’s business partner program, advisory services, and technology partners to build your extended team of IT and automation collaborators. Internal to your plant, look at how IT and automation works together – are you playing as a team? What steps have you taken to build collaboration?

3.  Get in the Game

Implement a strong pilot project with a robust network fabric physical infrastructure and an enabled team to open new vistas and value creation opportunities. The new generation of mobile applications provide means to innovate with much less user training, special coding or formal requests than in older approaches. A strong physical architecture with capacity to grow will open up opportunities to ‘play’ in your pilot cells with new technologies that transform how you look at and solve problems. This is where the fun part is – the satisfaction of solving a long standing productivity problem, eliminating a quality defect, and enabling your team to win in your plant and across the globe!


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