10G to 40G Migration Using the PanMPO Connector

Historically, MPO connectors had to be ordered with the correct gender and polarity because they could not be changed in the field. The PanMPO connector changes that, allowing installers to change both polarity and gender quickly and easily, simplifying the migration to 40G Ethernet while maintaining standards compliance. Because of this, data center operators only need to purchase one type of MPO patch cord reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Typically one type of MPO patch cord may be needed to connect to equipment while another type may be needed for a cross connect. The two types of patch cords look alike, making it easy for technicians to have the wrong patch cord. One could also make the mistake of ordering the wrong type of patch cord, causing inefficiencies and delays with the project. The specifier wanted Method A patch cords to connect equipment to a patch panel, yet the person placing the order chose Method B patch cords to implement a cross-connect. This could cause a significant delay in the project because the Method B MPO cords have to be shipped back and Method A cables reordered.

The PanMPO Connector fixes all of this because only one type of PanMPO patch cord needs to be ordered. The patch cord could have been reconfigured immediately on site to correct the mis-order saving time and preventing headaches.

PanMPO also helps data center end-users maintain standards compliance and best practices when migrating from 10G Ethernet to 40G Ethernet. Industry standards and best practices require that the male pins on MPO connectors remain protected. 40G optical modules and LC-to-MPO fiber cassettes that use MPO connectors house the male alignment pins so the pins are protected. This means that the fiber trunk cable that is connected to a LC-to-MPO fiber cassette must be a female MPO connector. When migrating to 40G Ethernet, the fiber cassette is removed and replaced by a fiber adapter panel. This means that the trunk cable’s female MPO is plugged into one side of the fiber adapter panel necessitating the use of male MPO patch cords which exposes the alignment pins.

This problem can be remedied by using the PanMPO connector on the fiber trunk. The PanMPO connector can be set to a female MPO connector when it is connected to the LC-to-MPO fiber cassette. When migrating to 40G Ethernet, the fiber trunk PanMPO connector can be changed to a male configuration which would then allow the use of female MPO patch cords. This keeps the end-user’s data center in compliance with industry standards and best practices.PanMPO Configuration

The PanMPO connector is a revolutionary technology that transforms the way 10G and 40G networks are deployed. The PanMPO Connector allows end-users to change the polarity and gender of the fiber connector in the field, allowing them to have the correct cable on hand, regardless of their polarity and gender requirements.. This feature allows end-users to protect their fiber infrastructure investment and saves time and money, increasing their operational efficiency.

Please check out our PanMPO landing page for videos and more information.

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