Cisco Live 2014

This year’s Cisco Live , being held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, promises to be another exciting event. As a Platinum Sponsor, Panduit will be exhibiting in booth #1521 and will be featuring our Intelligent Data Center Solutions, Enterprise Solutions and Industrial Automation Solutions.

We are particularly excited about Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture that promises to deliver fast application provisioning and simplified operations. ACI networks will be built upon a flatter 2 tier network architecture that requires some new ways of thinking about how an optimal physical infrastructure should be built. Panduit has been working with Cisco to understand the differences between traditional three tier physical architectures and the ACI architecture, and will be presenting the “ACI Impact on Physical Infrastructure Design and Deployment” in the general session on Tuesday May, 20th at 2:00 p.m. PDT. Examples of cabinets configured with Spine/Leaf network topologies including Top of Rack (ToR), End of Rack (EoR) and Middle of Rack (MoR).


ACI Spine Cabinet Configuration

Panduit will also be presentingBiDi Optics Deployment Considerations”, on Wednesday, May 21, 10:15 a.m PDT in the Solutions Theater. BiDi transceivers allow 40-GB connectivity to reuse the existing 10-GB fibers and the existing fiber trunk without the need to add any fibers. They are an option for the Cisco 9500 series switches, and Panduit offers fiber cabling and connectivity solutions to support those applications.

New Capabilities Restore Energy Efficiency and Speed Deployments

A new solution that will be on display is the Universal Aisle Containment System (UAC). This containment system can be configured as hot aisle or cold aisle and be retrofit onto various types and sizes of cabinets allowing customers to reclaim stranded capacity, and restore energy efficiency in existing data centers.

Aisle Containment

Panduit Net-Contain Universal Aisle Containment System

Panduit will also be demonstrating the SmartZone DCIM solution. On display will be the SmartZone DCIQ Thermal Monitoring, Power monitoring and electronic access control capabilities that are shown driven from a single gateway that allows access of multiple inputs from a single switch port.

There will also be an example of a VSPEX Pre-Configured Cabinet that enables Cisco and EMC partners to optimize performance of converged infrastructures combining disparate IT equipment while minimizing the time required to specify, source and deploy.


Panduit VSPEX Pre-Configured Cabinet

As you can see Panduit has a lot happening at Cisco Live 2014! We hope to see you at the event!

Andy Chaloupka

Data Center Solutions Marketing Manager


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