Made in the USA?

We’ve all heard the predictions for the past several years that manufacturing will move back to the United States. Now it appears that the “crystal balls” of the industry seers were, in fact, accurate. According to a recent survey by Estrada Group titled “Where in the World”, the US is now considered the prime location for low cost manufacturing. Mexico was a close second, and China has fallen to a distant third.

More and more companies are investing domestically, rather than overseas, fostering enthusiasm for “Made in the USA” products.  Several factors contribute to this, such as skyrocketing fuel costs and increasing foreign wage scales.  Add to that the advancement in automation technologies, and companies are seeing US production with lower operating costs, and a more consistent, higher quality end product.

Panduit Global View

Panduit is committed to providing world-class products and service across the globe. Therefore we have established multiple manufacturing facilities to service the local needs of countries throughout most continents – including four locations right here within the USA. Learn more about Panduit’s commitment to providing innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions.



2 thoughts on “Made in the USA?

  1. Can you pass this on to someone in your company that can provide documentation that the MLTFC4H-LP316 cable ties are made from stainless steel that meets the Made in America requirement. Meaning that the steel was melted and made at a facility in the United States. This is a requirement on a federal project we are currently working on in Portland Oregon.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding here Dan. The person managing the blog has transitioned roles and this got missed. I’ve passed your information along to the salesperson in your region.

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