Manage the Changing Dynamics of Your Job Site

Jeff Mehrer, Panduit Solutions Director, Industrial Construction

Jeff Mehrer, Panduit Solutions Director, Industrial Construction

One of the greatest challenges for an electrical contractor is the coordination of product flow from the suppliers to the project site. This is a direct result of the industry’s difficulty in projecting future demand based on the variability and real-time dynamics of a job site.

Industry numbers* show that only 60% of labor hours are spent on productive, direct installation. Meanwhile, 40% of labor hours are consumed by “un-productive” material handling activities. This translates to 17% of revenue dollars slipping through the fingers of the average contractor.
*Agile Construction for the Electrical Contractor


The Parts You Don’t Plan Can Cause Delays With Big Dollar Impact

Unavailable Materials

  • 3 installers standing idle @ $70/hr. unable to complete an installation

Missing Items

  • 1 person @ $30/hr. (+gas) driving to the local supplier for 1 box of lugs or fittings

Bulk Buys or Safety Stock

  • Contractors can carry hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory to help avoid costly labor downtime
  • Cash tied up in inventory is not available for other business investment needs


  • Dedicated office staff who “react” to material shortages
  • Project managers and foreman on-site spend time tracking down materials instead of managing construction

Lost or Stolen Materials

  • Product purchased ahead and stored on-site will likely be “moved” more than once, increasing the risk of loss or theft

If contractors could reduce material handling costs by 5% that will drop almost 1% to their bottom line increasing their gross profits by more than 25%.

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5 thoughts on “Manage the Changing Dynamics of Your Job Site

  1. Please email me to let me know this worked. Thanks

  2. Is there any truth to the rumor or story going around that Panduit has a 6 or 7 week backorder of Cabinets due to a large order by IBM in South America?

    • Hi John,
      I can check on the lead time of our cabinets for you in the morning and get back to you on that. Were you looking for one in particular or just a general question?

    • Hey John
      Looks like we have some stock available currently depending on what cabinet you’re looking at. You can contact Customer Service at 1-800-777-3300 for specific part details. Thanks!

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