Flex Cable Connections – Are You Up to Code?

Fred Dorman, Global Solutions Manager, Business and Channel Development

Fred Dorman, Global Solutions Manager, Business and Channel Development

It can be surprising how many control panels, motor control centers and power distribution terminal blocks are wired incorrectly and in violation of UL508A.

Typically, electricians choose to work with flex stranded conductor cable because it is easier to route, bend and pull into place when power connections are needed than rigid conductor cableFerrule Blog Image 3.12.14

Motor Control Centers, Switch Gear, and Power Distribution Terminal Blocks all have mechanical connectors which are not approved for use with flex conductor cable per UL508A.

Ferrule Blog ImageUsing flex conductor in these types of connections is a UL code violation and can result in heat rise or “hot-spots” of high electrical resistance under load. These “hot-spots” can lead to short-circuits and in some cases arc flash occurrences resulting in equipment damage, downtime or worst case injury to personnel.

Ferrule Blog Image 2The use of a ferrule on the end of flex conductors terminated in mechanical connectors, contains fine conductor strands, eliminates “hot-spots”, prevents short circuit faults, and most importantly is UL compliant with the UL508A standard.

Ferrule Blog Image 3Panduit offers a full line of ferrule solutions, check out our new large diameter ferrule crimping dies that are designed specifically for applications that require the use of large flex cable.

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  1. Nicely done Fred. It is indeed an important aspect that most of the time does not get the required attention. You have done well to highlight it.

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