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Many of us have had to deal with harsh winter conditions in the US over the last couple months which sometimes requires working from home. With mobile devices and high speed internet, our connections to co-workers and plants can continue in spite of adverse conditions. For today’s manufacturing plants, the amount of connected people, plants, data and things is growing exponenoil pic1tially and these connections need to perform reliably no matter the environmental conditions.

Cisco estimates that 50 billion new IP connections to be installed by 2022 will unlock trillions of dollars of business value for manufacturing. Cisco research estimates that only 4% of devices on the manufacturing floor are connected to a network.  Thus, there is a huge industry push to connect all the islands of information that stand in the way of Internet of Things value creation.  The challenges of deployment though are also very real – no one can afford to gamble on reliability or performance of their critical manufacturing processes and risk downtime or worse.

At Automation Fair November 2013 in Houston, Rockwell Automation announced expansion of its Allen Bradley Stratix switch portfolio with new IT-friendly (Cisco IOS) switches, routers, wireless and security devices. This  expansion means the  Stratix  portfolio has fiber, copper, POE and wireless capabilities to  reach across any process or manufacturing plant.  However, there are still environmental and deployment risks to contend with to make all these new connections. Panduit has partnered with Rockwell Automation and Cisco  with integrated solutions, application guidance, and aligned services to ensure a strong physical network fabric foundation.  physical

Let’s Get Physical

In the Panduit booth and Industrial IP Advantage booth at Automation Fair, we highlighted our industrial strength solutions like Integrated Zone enclosures, wireless enclosures, and hardened fiber solutions – Dielectric Conduited Fiber (DCF)  and  Polymer Coated Fiber (PCF) that generated a lot of interest from the oil & gas crowd in Houston.

We shared a great story  from a Panduit certified installer who had worked extensively with our new DCF fiber and marveled at the time savings from using a rugged, non-metal armored cable that required no grounding/bonding and was so easy to install. The best part of the story though, was that he proved how strong this fiber protection was by driving his pickup truck over the fiber!  He said he will never go back to using metal-armored fiber cable.

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E-book: Is your factory floor network as fast as it is reliable?


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