Mobile Data-The Most Important Tool on Your Jobsite

Jeff Mehrer, Panduit Solutions Director, Industrial Construction

The emergence of Smartphones and Tablets has helped take many industries truly into the mobile workspace.  But it is introducing the construction trades to productivity potential beyond our wildest dreams.

The introduction of SaaS (software-as-a-service) and hosted technologies, as well as the Cloud,  have allowed contractors to broaden their workspace by providing access to data from anywhere an Internet connection is available.  Contractors are creating web portals that allow their workers to access a host of applications that are useful on the jobsite in their everyday business.

While crucial productive time used to be wasted while drawings were found, specifications and submittals were being “faxed” and materials were feverishly being hunted down at distribution, apps are now available to provide instant results with the swipe of a finger.   “It’s a huge thing for us to be able to push what was typically done in the field office…to the field,” says Chris Russell, Director of Information Systems and Process Development at Engelberth Construction, Colchester, VT.

Staying competitive in an already brutally competitive market is going to require a focus on operational efficiency in the long run and new tools are emerging almost every day in the virtual space to help. Learn more on how Panduit is bringing innovation to you with the new JobSight™ Material Handling Program designed specifically for electrical and network installers.  Request a demo of the software today!

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