Maintaining Energy Efficiency

New research information from Data Center Dynamics indicates that global data center energy consumption in 2013 has slowed down to 7% growth as compared to 19% between 2011 and 2012. This reduction is attributed to energy efficiency measures, consolidation projects and outsourcing, primarily in mature markets.

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So, does this mean data center managers and operators can breathe a sigh of relief? Not necessarily. Once energy efficiency improvement goals have been attained, how do you maintain that level of efficiency over the lifecycle of your data center?

Evolving business strategies, new applications and technology upgrades conspire to create a highly dynamic environment in which power consumption and environmental variables are constantly changing. This in turn threatens energy efficiency gains obtained by increasing densities to maximize capacity utilization or implementing hot aisle or cold aisle containment to optimize cooling energy. Left unmanaged this leads to higher operational costs, reduced efficiency, additional capital expense for further improvements or new capacity, or all of the above.

As a result, IT professionals are turning to data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems to help to provide increased visibility into how power and environmental variables change in the data center and facilitate decision-making regarding power, cooling, and capacity planning.

DCIM is a broad category, with many suppliers providing solutions that offer an array of capabilities ranging from power and environmental monitoring to comprehensive solutions that provide asset tracking and management, remote management and connectivity, capacity planning and management

Given the range of suppliers and scope of capabilities, implementing a DCIM system to maintain and manage energy efficiency can be daunting with many questions to answer. For example, how do you know what level of DCIM do you need? Is the software reliable? Will the software (or hardware) integrate with existing applications? How can I demonstrate an ROI?

As a DCIM system provider, Panduit offers the SmartZone™ Solution. We are always curious about what our customers think about the value of DCIM. If you have implemented a DCIM solution, has it yielded the promised benefits? I would like to understand what your experience has been.

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