Living in a Material World: How to Select Solar Power Cable Management

Solar ImageMaterial selection is critical to designing and building a photovoltaic (PV) solar plant that will last 15-25 years. If you identify the proper design requirements and obtain the best materials for cable management, you can build a system that meets your expectations and reduces the total cost of ownership of your plant.

Issues you need to consider when building a PV solar plant are temperature, ultraviolet (UV), abrasion and chemical reactions as part of your design and product selection to enable the commissioning and operation of a solar plant to finish on time, require lower maintenance cost and increase your overall return on investment.

Our recommendation for a common solar power environment that includes elevated temperature, UV exposure, and attachment to galvanized steel in an area that can receive acid rain is a Nylon 12 material. This material maintains strength when exposed to zinc chloride, will last 12-15 years in high UV exposure, and can maintain product integrity during extreme temperature cycling. If you are looking for something that can last more than 20 years in this environment, then Stainless Steel is the recommendation. In less harsh environments, a weather resistant nylon 6.6 material can work well, but will not last as long as the Nylon 12 or Stainless Steel solution.

Check out our Cable Tie Selection Guide that summarizes Panduit’s broad selection of industry approved styles, sizes and materials to meet a full range of electrical, industrial and networking applications.

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