Improving UPS Power Management for Industrial Networks

Power interruptions and power quality are frequent causes of downtime in manufacturing, costing the average operation thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity.

Recovering quickly from an event is critical; when the machinery has recovered and is ready to go, having production wait on the infrastructure to “reboot” is simply unacceptable.UPS-420-x-420

Just that situation can occur—network switches, PCs, and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are key parts of modern control systems, and even short “blips” in power can cause restarts that delay device availability for up to several minutes.

As ensuring power to these devices during outages is critical to quick machine recovery, many manufacturers rely on a traditional battery-based UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system as an insurance policy.

However battery-based UPS systems are reliant on battery maintenance. Users must be willing to implement a rigorous program to monitor, maintain and properly dispose of batteries to ensure effectiveness.

Some of the common identified issues with traditional UPS systems:

  • Batteries are unpredictable, and are the leading cause of UPS failures, resulting in unplanned machine downtime
  • Batteries require frequent maintenance to lower the risk of a failure, which drives operating and overhead expenses
  • Most UPS systems have inadequate or non-existent device management (difficult to monitor battery life)

Panduit has recognized a need for alternatives to the traditional UPS, including longer service life, reduced maintenance operation, and remote device management which improves reliability of the power infrastructure. The effort has led to the recently introduced Panduit Industrial UPS, with 24VDC input and output, 35W of backup power, and 5 to 15 minutes of Hold Time. This UPS is designed to provide backup power to industrial managed switches, PLCs, and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Some key benefits to the Panduit approach:

  • Useful life of up to 20 years with zero maintenance, providing  half the cost of ownership of traditional battery-based UPS
  • EtherNet/IP enabled system to provide user access to real-time performance parameters
  • Compact space-saving design to ease integration into control panel designs

As part of the Panduit Industrial Automation Solution, the Panduit Industrial UPS provides assured protection for your industrial network  against lost data and productivity in a safe, sustainable and easy to maintain format for a lower installed cost, enabling you to build a smarter, unified business foundation.

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