Oil and Gas Networking Success Depends on Speed of Deployment and Reliability

SSTblog2Panduit solutions have helped Oil and Gas processors deploy networks faster and more reliably. Use of standard IP (Internet Protocol) and EtherNet/IP in oil and gas applications is growing. Oil and Gas customers have deployed integrated, pre-tested managed switch solutions to provide fast installation and risk mitigation.

To accommodate the demands of managing increased productivity, energy infrastructure providers need to reliably deploy networks across their treatment/processing facilities. Overloaded networks can experience operational issues with out-of-date technology, therefore companies are deciding to upgrade to a system that offers consistency, reliability and adherence to the latest industry network standards.

A standard build approach to network deployment could increase implementation delays, as well as affect network reliability. As a result, Panduit recommends the implementation of an Integrated Network Zone System. This system allows companies to upgrade the networks within their treatment/processing facilities with minimal downtime to ensure customer SLAs are maintained. The design of the system, as well as its built-in integration allow all phases of the implementation project to run smoothly, improving reliability and safety while reducing deployment and operating costs.

SSTblog1Oil and Gas customers that implement the Panduit Integrated Network Zone System experience:

Speed of Deployment
• Reduces implementation time and costs by removing complexity and delivering a validated solution optimized for partner technology applications
• Can deploy an up-to-date network within one week
• Provides a single part number when ordering a full solution for zone architecture deployment in an industrial environment

Mitigated Risk of Downtime
• Increases reliability with pre-tested dual fiber uplink and mitigated risk of the delayed plant uptime after scheduled downtime
• Provides expansion of switch and ports as the network grows to make this a future proof enclosure
• Delivers active equipment within an optimized physical layer to provide a consistently high network performance

• Protects from shock hazards and allows clean segmentation between the upper level plant network and the machine level network to help maintain network SLAs

See the complete case study for more details on how the Panduit Integrated Network Zone System allows companies to upgrade networks within their treatment/processing facilities with minimal downtime to ensure customer SLAs are maintained. Also visit the Industrial IP Advantage site to learn more about the enabling power of internet protocol to transform industrial productivity.

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