Panduit Solutions Support Faster Systems Migration to Reap Value of Connected Enterprise

At the recent Rockwell Automation Fair, in Houston, TX many of the 10,000 attendees learned about the Connected Enterprise, its importance in realizing the value of the Internet of Things, and how Industrial IP is providing a common platform to boost productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Attendees of the Process Solutions Users Group also learned how companies are using innovation to transform the Energy industry, including techniques such as front-end engineering design (FEED), to reduce deployment time as much as 50%, with reduced costs and risk.  If you were not able to attend the show, has a nice summary here.

It’s a sign of something ongoing in the marketplace, the aging of equipment and technologies and the drive to gain productivity by better connecting systems as upgrades occur.

As market opportunity is expanding rapidly, companies struggle to keep pace as much of the installed base of automation systems, especially in the Process industries, has aged to the point of obsolescence. In fact a 2011 ARC Advisory Group research estimated there is $65 billion dollars’ worth of obsolete automation technology in industry in its report Managing Obsolete Technologies: Strategies and Practices.

As a recent article also addressed, “Many large global process companies today have delayed replacing their out-of-date control systems for so long that the number of systems that need replacing is staggering. Even if these companies started replacing their systems today, the process would take years to complete.”  Making the Case for Control Systems Migration June 2013, Control Systems Design, Dick Hill, ARC Advisory Group.

Panduit Integrated Zone System

The Integrated Network Zone System enables seamless communications between control rooms and the manufacturing floors within industrial facilities. To learn more, see the Panduit white paper “Scaling the Plant Network”.

Sounds ominous, but it’s also an opportunity. Engineers are under pressure to develop system migration strategies and refresh machine and plant-wide systems with validated and standards based solutions that merge information and control data. However, as rapid advancements in networking, computing, data storage and software capabilities have increased so has the value and return potential of modern automation systems. And that value potential, realized by productivity, innovation and added customer value, is up to US$3.88 trillion for manufacturing through 2022 according to the Industrial IP Advantage,

As you endeavor on your next migration project choose wisely and select partners with expertise with modern Industrial IP based systems and those that understand the Connected Enterprise.  Panduit can provide you validated and scalable solutions such as Integrated Network Zone Systems to reduce your deployment time by up to 75%. Panduit can also help you leverage our expertise in the physical design of a network system with recently introduced Advisory Services for Industrial Automation to simplify implementation. These offerings are both part of Panduit’s Unified Physical Infrastructure that complements logical designs such as Rockwell Automation and Cisco Converged Plant-wide Ethernet (CPwE) architecture and helps you to build a smarter unified business foundation.

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