Small to Medium Business Market: the Key is Availability

Are you among the large number of contractors doing work in the small to medium business (SMB) market such as K-12 schools, retail, multi-unit residential buildings, clinics and local government offices?  If you are, then you need products that are specifically designed for your needs with local availability, ease of installation, standards compliancy, convenient packaging and price valued products.

We understand that you have a high level of brand choice and decision making influence.  In fact, multiple brands are considered 75% of the time when purchasing product for a job.  Brand substitutions are made 66% of the time, and it’s no secret that the number one reason for this is availability.  Simply put, if the product isn’t on the shelf, you could buy another brand, plain and simple.  Price, prior experience in using the product or dealing with the company, as well as durability of the product can also be contributing factors in your purchase.

Panduit offers the NetKey Cabling System which is a cost effective, small to medium business focused solution.  The system is a complete standards compliant copper and fiber cabling infrastructure for voice, data and video.  Capable of backward component compatibility, the NetKey Cabling System works with existing openings and mounting systems that may already be in place, saving time and money associated with re-work.  With convenient packaging and new merchandising displays now available, the NetKey Cabling System is readily available when and where needed for all types of small to medium business applications.  To learn more about our SMB offering, please watch our video or visit us at