Increase Your Industrial Networking IQ

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”   -Albert Einstein

To capture your share of the value of the Internet of Things for manufacturing ($3.88 trillion for manufacturing), rethink how you deploy your industrial plant networks.  Too many existing industrial networks are full of security holes with poorly executed physical infrastructure that threaten downtime, quality and even safety.  The thinking about networking for the factory floor needs to evolve and simplify.

Leverage expertise and thought leadership to improve your industrial networking IQ and greatly reduce your installation time, risk and costs.  Here are three resources to help you progress:

1. Panduit Advisory Services and Business Partner Program

Need new insights when planning your networks?

stock contractor photo• Panduit’s Industrial Automation Advisory Services help customers plan, design, and implement validated industrial network systems designs. These validated designs help to reduce deployment time, exceed performance requirements, and reduce operation, maintenance and repair costs.

• Panduit’s expanded Business Partner Program now includes an Industrial Automation focus with certification and performance warranties. This new offering helps system integrators address the demand for robust, secure and reliable industrial automation infrastructures that connect devices from the enterprise across the factory floor.

Read more about these new offerings at the ARC Advisory Group.

2. Whitepaper:  Scaling your Plant Network

Our new “Scaling the Plant Network” white paper describes how Panduit Industrial Network Deployment Solutions can improve reliability, security, and safety of Industrial Automation systems, offering up to 30% reduction in deployment costs and 75% savings in deployment time.

3. Industrial IP Advantage

Infographic preview: Security Matters in an IP NetworkJoin the Industrial IP Advantage community and access website content like this new infographic on cybersecurity:  Security Matters for an IP Network.   The Industrial IP Advantage website is a new educational resource with infographics, whitepapers, how to guides and blogs to help you transform your business with Internet Protocol networks.

By leveraging the simplifying power of standard IP networking and today’s easy-to-deploy industrial networking infrastructure solutions,  you can solve a greater scope of business problems than ever before. See more smart industrial automation solutions at