Internet of Things: Claim Your Share of $3.88 Trillion

Hello and welcome to the first entry of the Industrial Automation Solutions blog. We are looking forward to engaging you with perspectives of industry trends and business drivers.  We hope to discuss ideas and insights around industrial network and control systems infrastructure that can help you leverage latest technologies and design methodologies, to help you improve the effectiveness of your operations and increase your business agility and competitiveness.

Industrial IP Advantage Internet of Things (IoT) Infographic

Internet of Things (IoT) Infographic (courtesy of

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies today is the ageing and obsolescence of operational systems and networks. As current systems fail to deliver desired productivity, a critical need for migration to modern systems is emerging at all levels of the Enterprise. Connecting disparate systems across the organization, from automation, to industrial computing, to mobile access, and others, provides value through gained productivity, innovation and efficiency.  This represents a share of the value of the Internet of Things, worth $3.88 trillion dollars for manufacturing through 2022, according to analysis from Cisco Systems (Embracing the Internet of Everything to Capture Your Share of $14.4 Trillion) and posted by the Industrial IP Advantage community.

As companies claim their share of the value of the Internet of Things they face substantial challenges and risks, including: removing security gaps and vulnerabilities, eliminating data silos and connecting islands of automation, overcoming personnel skill gaps, addressing network ownership and priorities, and avoiding downtime in plants as obsolete infrastructure is upgraded. Note that fully 80% of network downtime can be traced to the physical layer elements.

In this blog we will be addressing the risks and challenges faced by manufacturing and process organizations and the ways Panduit can help simplify network convergence, improve overall equipment effectiveness, speed systems deployment, and increase network security, all of which enable you to build a smarter Unified Business Foundation.

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